More mouse trouble

As if I haven’t enough to put up with, now my mouse has developed a squeak. You will remember that I wrote last week about how she lost her click, well, over the weekend she went through an extended period of non-cooperation. What else would you call it when the blessed creature was quite happy to move up and down the screen, but refused to go left or right? If I didn’t know any better I might suspect that she has joined a trade union. The Irish Rodents Association, maybe or SNAFU. That’s the Screen Navigation and Application Facilitators’ Union.

Despite having had no real training in the magick arts of keyboard manipulation, I had to resort to using keyboard shortcuts to get around my screen. I’m sure the members of SNAFU regard every one of the keys on my keyboard as blacklegs, but I was left with no choice, and I told her so.

That was when she began to squeak.

At first I suspected she was complaining about her tail, which has a tendency to get jammed under the bottom of the printer. I repositioned her tail around the corner of one of the speakers, all the while making tut-tut soothing sounds. But she persisted with her squeak. I confess I lost my temper at that point, and shouted at her.

Honestly, she doesn’t know she’s living. How many mice have the luxury of a leather mat to glide over, and how many have such a humane and considerate employer?

If she doesn’t get her act together pretty smartish, she may wake up one morning to find that she’s been replaced by a swish new USB model or one of those modern wireless doodahs that I’ve been reading about.

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