Liberty Boy – a wonderful book

LibertyBoy600pxI have found a wonderful book – probably the best I’ve read in the past three years.  Liberty Boy by David Gaughran is a really well researched work of historical fiction, set in Dublin in 1803. The book reflects the brutal and unjust methods used at that time by the British to keep the rebellious Irish in line. At heart, it’s a love story, full of interest about how people lived in the Liberties of Dublin in those times. The street names were amazing – Copper Alley, Dirty Lane, Blackpitts, Forty Steps, Hell and the Glib market. It’s a pity the book couldn’t have incorporated a map of 19th Century Dublin to help the reader to follow all the comings and goings! I can’t say enough about this book – an edgy historical love story with a difference! Can’t wait for the next episode. Highly recommended. 7 stars!!

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