The Kommissar’s Casebook – Box Set

The Kommissar's Casebook by JJ Toner cover

Enjoy the thrills of the first 3 books from the Kommissar Saxon series

  • Zugzwang
  • Queen Sacrifice
  • The White Knight


Germany, March 1933. Adolf Hitler and the Nazi Party have swept into power. In Munich, Kommissar Saxon of the civilian police force is hunting a brutal serial killer that stalks the streets of the city. But the shadow of the Schutzstaffel (SS) hangs over Saxon and his assistant, making their task close to impossible.

Queen Sacrifice

1934 Munich. All over Germany, the Gestapo has absorbed the criminal police and the brutal Brownshirts rampage on the streets unchecked. Buried under a mounting pile of cases immune from investigation, Kommissar Saxon concentrates on the case of a missing schoolboy. Then Hitler moves against the Brownshirts on the Night of the Long Knives…

The White Knight

In Munich, detective Kommissar Saxon is living alone. His wife and son are out of harm’s way in Austria, but she is desperate to be reunited with her husband. Saxon is summoned to Berlin to oversee the ‘cleansing’ of the city streets. But when a subversive calling himself ‘The White Knight’ threatens Jesse Owens, the US world record runner, Saxon must protect the athletes, while holding the line with an unhappy wife in Austria.

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