A Failed Test

When I first moved from Ireland to UK, I was 23 years of age. I had been driving my parents’ car without major mishap for 5 years. I considered myself an exceptional driver. I may not have been up to the rigours of the advanced driving test, but I was certainly more than competent. Any device […]

Plotty Training

As a writer in training, just out of diapers, so to speak, it’s time I got plotty-trained. Gone are the days when I can put my creative hat on, rub my wisdom tooth, boot up my laptop and start typing. I need plots with structure, plots with arcs, subplots that enhance the theme, scenes dripping […]

A Virus, a Trojan, a Worm

We were watching a movie called The Snatch and I got confused between Jason Statham and Vinny Jones. I googled Statham and printed his picture. Then I googled Jones and tried to print his picture. All sorts of odd things started happening on my laptop. A popup popped up on my screen. It was called […]

Snail Mail

My cousin near Salisbury, UK sent us a Christmas card, which arrived in a plastic bag. Well, half of it arrived in a plastic bag. The bag was supplied by the Royal Mail, and it had an apology printed on it. “Sorry this item reached you in this condition…” and a phone number to contact Customer […]