On reviews for indie authors

I was going to compose a post on this subject, but Riley Banks beat me to it. She did such a good job, I decided I could do no better than to re-publish her words through a link to her blog here: http://rileybanks.net/3/post/2012/11/the-negative-side-of-positive-reviews-making-indie-authors-soft.html

Why Self-publish? A Primer

I won’t go into this subject too deeply as it’s been covered in excruciating detail elsewhere. Consider this a quick introduction. Amongst aspiring authors there are two main camps: those that believe in the traditional route to publication and those that prefer the “indie” route. The Traditional Route: Choose a genre, write a book, have […]

Scrivener and NaNoWriMo

I was going to attempt NaNoWriMo, and got clearance from all three relevant committees: the Work-in-the-Home (aka DIY) Committee, the Leisure Activities (aka Movies) Committee and the Divorce Watchdog. After spending a couple of days working on the outline for my book, I downloaded and paid for Scrivener for PC (cost, including 23% VAT: €42). […]