WW2 – The London Cage

Alexander Scotland was born in 1882 of Scottish parents. He spent a lot of his early life as a retail trader in southern Africa. As most of his customers were European residents of German South West Africa (Now Namibia), Scotland became a fluent German speaker. He served with the British army during the First World […]

WW2 – Lidice

On September 27 1941 Reinhard Heydrich was appointed Deputy Reich Protector (effectively governor) of Bohemia and Moravia. On May 27, 1942, two members of the Czech partisans attacked Reinhard Heydrich as he was driving to work in his car in Prague. Their gun jammed, but they managed to explode a grenade in or near the […]

WW2 – German Police and Security

The administration of law and order in Germany during WW2 must have been confusing — and frightening — for ordinary Germans. Police and security services were provided by a bewildering number of organizations, some that existed before Hitler came to power, others that were established as by-products of the Nazi Party. Pre-war, the police force […]

WW2 – The Nazis and the Bomb

That the scientists of the Third Reich were working on the development of a nuclear reactor for the production of electricity is well known. There is a museum in a cavern under Haigerloch Castle near the Black Forest  in southern Germany where you can read all about this research. What is not so well known […]

WW2 Heroes Hans and Sophie Scholl

There were many heroes who fought for the Allies in World War 2. I’m sure there were lots who fought on the losing side, too. But of course we hear very little about them. While writing The Black Orchestra, I discovered the story of The White Rose, a student organisation that published a series of […]