WW2 – The Nazis and the IRA

Before the outbreak of war, tentative contact was made between the Abwehr and the IRA in Ireland. The Germans were hoping that the IRA might be able to cross the border and disrupt British military operations in the North; the IRA was seeking finance and arms from the Germans. There was something of a contradiction […]

WW2 – German Spies in Ireland #2

In 1939, having completed three successful espionage missions in England, Walter Simon was found guilty of illegal entry and sentenced to three months imprisonment. He was then deported and warned never to return. Unbelievably, MI5 returned all his notebooks containing coded information that he had amassed.Delighted with the quality of the material he had collected […]

WW2 – German agents in Ireland #1

Before the Second World War the IRA had some contact with the Abwehr (German Military Intelligence) and acquired a radio transmitter powerful enough to communicate with Germany. However, starting in November 1939, the IRA used the transmitter to broadcast regularly to the Irish people, as ‘The Irish Republican Army broadcasting station.’ The regularity of the […]

WW2 – Admiral Canaris of the German Resistance

Admiral Wilhelm Canaris was head of the Abwehr, the German military intelligence service from 1935 and all through the Second World War until his arrest in 1944. He was a decorated naval intelligence officer from World War I, a close confidant of Adolf Hitler’s and, from 1938, a leading member of the secret resistance with […]

WW2 – The Sinking of the Battleship Royal Oak

The Battle of the Atlantic forms a backdrop to my WW2 spy story, The Black Orchestra. This battle was critical to the outcome of the war. As an island nation, Britain needed constant supplies of imported materials to sustain and support her war effort. Convoys of supply ships from North America had to run the […]