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I got nothing for Christmas this year, but my computer did rather well. Her first Christmas present — from Santa Clause — was 1MByte of RAM. My son installed it, upgrading my system from 512 KB to 1.25MB. The transformation is amazing; where before my computer was limping along like a geriatric vampire stranded between blood donor clinics, now it’s skipping around from task to task like a wild teenager called Bella.

My computer’s second acquisition was a wireless mouse donated by my son. It’s working perfectly, and I expect it’s doing what it’s designed to do, but I’m not sure I can live with it. Who can live with a hyperactive mouse? My old one — the one with the tail — was sluggish, downright non-cooperative at times; this new one has power steering and a sport button, marked “DPI”. Even without pressing the button, it’s all over the place busy-busy like a worker-ant on steroids. It makes me dizzy. Heaven only knows what it gets up to on its own while I’m in bed, asleep.

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