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    Marion Kummerow
    Author of the War Girl series

    JJ Toner has been proofing all of my WWII books. He is a terrific proofreader with meticulous attention to detail, and he has a very good understanding of history and anachronisms.

    Laurence O’Bryan
    Award-winning hybrid thriller author

    I 100% recommend JJ Toner as a developmental or structural editor. JJ has provided me with valuable editing reports on two of my novels, which have been instrumental in fixing a wide variety of issues. JJ is among the best in this area.

    David Lee Corley
    Author of the Airmen series and the Nomad series

    JJ was great at editing and proofreading my latest novels. His attention to detail is excellent and his comments on the story were very helpful. I will absolutely use him again!

    Paul T Lynch
    Author of Lethal Cargo

    JJ Toner did extensive work on my latest book, Lethal Cargo, which will be published soon. I found him easy to work with, and full of helpful ideas on the structure and sequencing of my plot.

    Glenn Dyer
    Author of The Torch Betrayal

    I’ve used editors to help with the maddening process of plotting with some success. But, the first time I reached out to a novelist that writes in my genre, namely JJ Toner, the results went well beyond my expectations. JJ was patient and was able to quickly point out my story’s weak points and, most importantly, provide some valuable suggestions as to how to mitigate those weak points. I’m so glad I reached out. Thanks, JJ

    Chris Ruttan
    Emerging indie author

    One thing that impressed me, JJ does more than just edit copy or substance, of which he does well.  I felt that his editing process mentored as well; that it has changed my understanding of story development and effective style.  He also caught enough copy mistakes and stilted writing to be humbling.  My book is not the easiest to edit.  It’s a historical fiction in ww2 Philippines, where places can have difficult names.  JJ did a good job of catching name transpositions and inconsistencies.  I would be happy to use his services again.

    Kathryn Gauci
    Author of The Secret of the Hotel du lac and other books

    JJ Toner has proofed and edited my latest WWII books. His attention to detail and knowledge of the era have helped shape my manuscripts into novels I can be proud of. He is easy to work with and honest in his appraisal. I will definitely use him again.

    John Quentin
    Author of Fourth World Man

    Many thanks JJ. This has been a fantastic exercise – a learning curve that is almost a learning asymptote – and I am and shall be forever indebted to you for your guidance and advice. It has been a real pleasure working with you. Of all the investments in preparation I am likely to make, and in self-improvement, I can think of no other service that has given me so much and has been not only such good value in every sense but actually rather enjoyable, too.