What it Means to be a Writer

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Since 2007 I have been a full-time writer. This means that I spend at least 6 hours each day sitting at a keyboard. Some of that is spent writing (like now) but an increasing amount of my time is spent social networking (i.e. Twitter and Facebook).

And then there’s email. First thing each morning before I have any breakfast I check my inbox. This morning there were 39 messages. Personal emails must be responded to. A few incoming messages will contain links to blogs that I’m following, and some of these have to be visited and read. Occasionally, one interesting link leads to another… On a cyber-busy day it can be lunchtime before I’m ready to make breakfast. And I haven’t written word one yet!

Excuse me a moment. Another 6 email messages just arrived.

Where was I? Right. It’s coming up to lunchtime. Time to make a quick breakfast. And I’m back at the keyboard again.

Today I thought I might spend some time looking for promotional outlets for my latest book. I also need to seek out some reviews. I have a list of book reviewer sites somewhere. I will definitely write something soon. Maybe tomorrow.

Of course real life continues while I’m at my keyboard. The house is looking more and more run down. The exterior needs a coat of paint, and there are several small jobs waiting for me indoors.

And, of course, writing is a health hazard. I’m a caffeine junky and I never get any exercise. No wonder I’m overweight.

We hardly ever go to a movie anymore. All my “free” time is spent reading. Not that reading is the pleasure it should be, not when everything is being scrutinized for typos, plot holes, saidisms, pleonasms and unnecessary adverbs.

My wife has threatened divorce a few times. I think she’s probably heard enough about books and writing by now.

Yes, the life of a writer is tough, but someone’s got to do it, and I enjoy every minute.

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