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Subscription Madness

It seems the world’s finally gone mad. No, I’m not talking about extremist Islam or Britain re-electing the Tories or Greece refusing to pay its creditors or FedEx putting up an annual prize of $10million for the winner of a golf tournament. I’m talking about subscription services. It seems you can pay a monthly fee […]

Kindle Text-to-Speech is SCARY

I finally plucked up the courage to turn on Text-to-Speech on my kindle. (Press the Aa button and select from the pop-up menu). What I got was a male robot voice taking exaggerated pauses at each comma, but no pauses for emdashes or between speech and attribution, between pieces of unattributed speech, or even between chapters! Here’s […]

Another Massive Writing Scam

Read David Gaughran’s post about this massive scam designed to separate aspiring writers from their cash.

Know Your Reader

A friend handed me this quotation today: “Writers really shouldn’t feel obliged to explain. Things should be left to the reader. I think the bond between the writer and the reader is very important. One writes the story; that is the writer’s part done. Then the reader gets to work; reading is his job. I […]

On reviews for indie authors

I was going to compose a post on this subject, but Riley Banks beat me to it. She did such a good job, I decided I could do no better than to re-publish her words through a link to her blog here: