A Misunderstanding

In the seventies, I worked for a small pharmaceutical company in Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire. When the company was taken over by a much larger one, they moved me to head office, in London. We were living in Milton Keynes, the new city that grew from the village of Bletchley, and the company agreed to pay us […]

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Subscription Madness

It seems the world’s finally gone mad. No, I’m not talking about extremist Islam or Britain re-electing the Tories or Greece refusing to pay its creditors or FedEx putting up an annual prize of $10million for the winner of a golf tournament. I’m talking about subscription services. It seems you can pay a monthly fee […]

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Kindle Text-to-Speech is SCARY

I finally plucked up the courage to turn on Text-to-Speech on my kindle. (Press the Aa button and select from the pop-up menu). What I got was a male robot voice taking exaggerated pauses at each comma, but no pauses for emdashes or between speech and attribution, between pieces of unattributed speech, or even between chapters! Here’s […]

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Know Your Reader

A friend handed me this quotation today: “Writers really shouldn’t feel obliged to explain. Things should be left to the reader. I think the bond between the writer and the reader is very important. One writes the story; that is the writer’s part done. Then the reader gets to work; reading is his job. I […]

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