Amazon Categories and Keywords
Amazon Categories and Keywords

In January 2013, when I published my first WW2 spy story, The Back Orchestra, on [...]

The Road to Liberation – Character Profiles

I asked each of the authors in the 6-book collection, The Road to Liberation to [...]

The C Word for Writers

When you board a plane, you place yourself in the hands of the pilot. For [...]

Words 101 : Ago

Reading and editing other people’s work, there are some issues that crop up over and [...]

Research sources for 1940s London

My latest WW2 thriller is now on pre-order at Amazon. It will launch on April [...]

A Stunning Writing Debut

It’s not often that I rave about a book, but this one is really special. [...]

A Misunderstanding

In the seventies, I worked for a small pharmaceutical company in Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire. When the [...]

Of Helpful Readers and Typos

My latest eBook, The Serpent’s Egg, was published in March of this year. This morning, [...]

AMS adverts – an analysis

I selected Sponsored Product ads. These allow for Automatic or Manual targeting (by means of keywords). [...]


I have completed a quick analysis of the US KENP rates over the past 15 [...]