Ever Decreasing Circles
Ever Decreasing Circles

Recently I discovered a composer/sound engineer working in my town and asked him to create [...]

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The Kerry Babies – How a Murder Squad Lost the Plot

In 1983 the body of a newborn baby boy was discovered on a beach in [...]

WW2 – A Famous German General

While writing my WW2 books, I had to come up with names for various characters, [...]

Book Review – An Officer and a Spy by Robert Harris

I recently finished reading An Officer and a Spy by Robert Harris, and I can’t [...]

Book Review – The Awkward Detective: The Bone Donor

One of my favorite authors, Wright Forbucks, has published an amazing new novella. Wright specializes [...]

WW2 Double Cross – the true story?

During WW2, British Military Intelligence, MI5, intercepted every enemy agent that the Abwehr sent to [...]

Insulation Beads

Our house is old – and cold. We use gas central heating that never quite [...]

WW2 – What if…?

WW2 Alternative History Writing historical fiction is fun, but the need for historical accuracy can [...]

Migrating from windows PC to Apple Mac – day 2

I booked a call with Apple Care – their support team. The way that works, [...]

Migrating from Windows PC to Apple Mac – day 1

When I heard that Microsoft was no longer supporting Windows XP, I checked my options. [...]