First eBook

Moving toward publication of my first eBook, a collection of ten short Science Fiction stories. The provisional title for the book is

“Ovolution and Other Stories”.

Here’s my checklist of tasks to be completed:

1 Complete the ten stories
2 Commission and receive cover
3 Complete final text edit
4 Pass the manuscript to editor
5 Rewrite as necessary
6 Write blurb
7 Obtain Copyright
8 Format for Kindle
9 Download to Kindle
10 Prepare file for Smashwords
11 Download to Smashwords

I have briefed a specialist cover designer and he has agreed to create a cover for the book. I expect something from him next week.

Today, I completed the last of the ten stories. I still have some editing to do to make sure that all of the stories use the same quotations convention, are spell checked for the US market, and so on. I should be able to complete this step in time to pass the manuscript to my editor by the weekend.

Any waiting periods, I will spend working on my new web site.

Have I forgotten anything?

4 thoughts on “First eBook

  1. DW96 says:

    Only one query here, JB. What’s this business of “obtain copyright?”

    You dont have to do anythig to establish copyright other than write the thing. The momemnt it is written (by you) copyright is legally yours in any country signed up to the Berne Convention.

    To establish copyright, all I do is email a copy to myself. That way I can prove that I owned the piece on a given date.

    the only reason to register copyright, and this applies only to the USA, is if someone infringes your rights and you’re seeking punitive damages. Most of the time, if someone nicks my online content, a short, stern email is enough to see it removed.

    Are the rules different in your neck fo the woods?

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