Ovolution and Other Stories – Endorsements

My first eBook is now in the oven at Amazon. The Kindle edition should be cooked and ready for the shelf within a day or two.

The book has received fantastic endorsements from two writers that I admire.

The first is from crime noir author Paul D. Brazill:

“One of the things the best sort of speculative fiction can do is to satirize the absurdities of society and human behavior. In ‘Ovolution and Other Stories’, JJ Toner does just that. And he does it marvelously well, too, with a style and wit worthy of a Kurt Vonnegut/ Groucho Marx double act.”

Paul is the author of the forthcoming book 13 Shots Of Noir. His blog is here

The second is from Les Edgerton, author and writing coach:

“I HATE sci-fi. I LOVE JJ Toner’s sci-fi! If I’d read other science fiction created as Toner has with his collection, OVOLUTION, I would never have considered making that first statement. This is just fun reading. It’s laugh-out-loud stuff but with a serious theme at its heart. His stories transcend genre and are just rockin’ good stories, evoking vestiges of O. Henry and the Twilight Zone television series… as translated by John Hodgson through his character Joel Robinson from his front row seat in the Peabody Award-winning Mystery Science Theater. Get this book and pass the word on to the rest of the kids in study hall.”

Les Edgerton is the author of Hooked, Monday’s Meal, and the forthcoming novels, A Perfect Crime, Just Like That, The Bitch and The Rapist, and a writing coach who helps kidnappers perfect their notes. Les’s blog is here

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