Writing and Cooking

Many writers have been cooks. Didn’t Hemingway dabble in the kitchen? And Len Deighton – or was that just Harry Palmer? I believe Derek Haines, the well-known Swiss-Aussie writer, cooks. I’m no cook, but I do know how to boil an egg. Or at least I thought I did until yesterday.

I put two eggs in a saucepan to boil and went back to my computer to make a couple of small adjustments to my manuscript. The explosion was quite loud. Who’d have thought a couple of eggs would make such a noise?

About a week ago, I opened a small carton of soup. Tomato and basil, it was, one of my favourites. There was enough in there for two, so I extracted half the soup and put it on to boil. The other half I put in the fridge. Then I went back to my computer to tweak something or other, or was it Twitter that I needed to check?

Anyway, it took a good fifteen minutes of hard work to rescue that saucepan, and, for lunch, I had the second half of the soup.

No, I’ve decided, writing and cooking don’t mix.

4 thoughts on “Writing and Cooking

  1. Carradee says:

    Yeah, that’s why I bought one of those timers from the tea shop where I hang out. It can be a magnet or a stand, so when I have something going, I’ll set my timer and carry it with me to my computer.

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