Blogger’s Time Zone

Thanks to Derek Haines and his inspired blog article social-media-automation-what-is-acceptable I created two blog entries and scheduled them to appear. The first one should have been posted at 5 pm on Friday but nothing happened. By 10 pm when the entry still hadn’t been posted, I rescheduled it for Saturday. I tried 00:01 am, but Blogger rejected this as an invalid time. I settled for 01:01 am. On Saturday morning at 9 am, the blog entry appeared.

I can only conclude that wherever Blogger lives, his time zone is 8 hours behind mine. My world clock points to Vancouver, San Francisco or Seattle. So where are you, my friend and why can’t you let me use my local clock for scheduling my blogs?

2 thoughts on “Blogger’s Time Zone

  1. Akhen1khan2 aka Jack Eason says:

    Mr Blogger can’t even get his new Interface working properly JJ. I’ve tried it for the last couple of days and all it does is shudder to a halt and invite you to reload the tab. So what hope that he can get his clock to work with the rest of the world? lol


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