Do I Tell People My Secret?

My friend, Juliana L. Brandt is running a Warm Fuzzies BlogFest. The idea is that a lot of writers all blog about the same subject and make new friends. The subject:

Do I tell people I’m a writer?

Yes, I do. I listen to the conversation like a crow perched on a fence, and as soon as I spot an opportunity, I’m in there like a ferret down a rabbit hole.

Me: I haven’t seen you for ages. How are you?
Her: I could be better. You know I’ve been in hospital…
I didn’t know.
Yes, I fell and broke my hip. It seems I have brittle bones.
My, my. What was the hospital like?
St. Vincents. The doctors are wonderful; the nurses are run off their feet.
How long were you in there?
Six weeks. I couldn’t wait to get out.
I expect you read a lot.
(You can see where I’m going with this.)
I read everything on the Man Booker list.
I’ve been doing a bit myself.
No, writing. I’ve published two books.
No! So if I went to my local bookshop would I find your books on the shelves?
Well, no. I’ve self-published and only eBooks so far.
Ah! You mean you have to have one of those thingmebobs–
–to read your books.
Not really. You can read them on a computer if you don’t have a kindle.
But I do so love the feel of a real book, don’t you?

The answer to that question is YES, of course, but I’ve no intention of shooting myself in the foot, so I change the subject at that point.

9 thoughts on “Do I Tell People My Secret?

  1. Juliana L. Brandt says:

    Haha- I love this, JJ! You wrote it really well AND I love that you so freely share that you’re a writer. That’s fantastic. I definitely need to take your lead in that.

  2. Emma says:

    It’s great that you are happy to put it out there and of course everybody knows that the tree book phase will pass along with the steam engine… We are all biding our time, we are the ambassadors of the future!

    Emma Calin

  3. JJ Toner says:

    Thanks, everyone. You’re all too kind.

    And I’ve just heard: I won Juliana’s warn fuzzy blogfest competition! Ooh, I’ve come over all faint! Fetch the medicinal brandy.

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