An Ancient Kiss

“I know you,” said the woman. “I thought I recognized the name.”

This is how this story started. I was interviewing an accountant in a semi-state organization. I was a computer consultant at the time, working for one of the ‘big six’ consulting firms. She was about five three, a brunette with short hair. Her (married) name was Inez Clarke.

“You won’t remember me,” she says, “but I kissed you when we were four.”

Instantly, the kissing incident came flooding back into my mind. I was four, attending a birthday party in a friend’s house and this four-year-old blonde bombshell called Inez Murray grabbed me by the staircase and kissed me. The act was witnessed by everyone and I cried. I remember that vividly. At this remove, I can’t recall why I cried, but I did and everybody laughed. Anyway, the accountant and I had a short conversation about the incident, which she remembered fondly.

About two years later, I was at a party when this tall, majestic woman approached and shook my hand. She was an architect with long blonde hair.

“You won’t remember me,” she says, “but before I was married my name was Inez Murray, and we kissed on a staircase many years ago, when we were four.”

That’s all there is to this weird story: two very different women both claiming the same identity. I never got to the bottom of this.

3 thoughts on “An Ancient Kiss

  1. JJ Toner says:

    Thanks for the comment, Shirley. The story is completely true. Only the names and occupations have been changed. My brother vouched for the tall blonde – he’s known her for years.

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