Email Scams

I recently clicked on an advertisement on a Facebook page, and, through an organization called “Clickbank”, I ordered a book of instructions on how to build my own solar energy panels. When it arrived in the post I sent it straight back and asked for a refund. I never managed to get my money back. Since then I have been inundated with scam emails. I used to get maybe 6-7 each week, but now they’re coming in thick and fast, at the rate of about 8-10 per day. I can’t be sure that there’s a connection, but it seems likely. I’ve tried to complain to Facebook, but haven’t been able to find a channel of communication.

In the past seven days, ignoring all email messages that contained attachments, I have been offered the following:

An Inheritance: from the Republique du Benin value $18.5m
Provide banking facilities for $7m for a 17 year old from Togo for 30% = $2.1m
Email reward program: For patronage of the Internet: $2.5m
A loan, anything from $3,000 to $1m at 3%
An ATM has been discovered in my name (God Bless America)
A Cheque in my name is about to expire, value $2.8m
IMF Compensation Fund for Scam Victims: $2.5m
40% of an undisclosed sum
Google 12th anniversary award $0.5m
Asia Pacific Lottery $1m
Inheritance/contract cheque $22.5m
An ATM card in my name, value $2.5m
Economic, Financial Crimes Commission, Nigeria $10.2m
Western Union $2.5m
FBI Washington DC $10.5m
Swiss Lottery in London £0.75m
A loan £5,000 – £50m at 3%
UK Thailand Lottery $4.6m
An ATM card value $6.8m
From the Ivory Coast: To be disbursed for the benefit of orphaned children: $4.4m
Interpol Special Investigation compensation award: $15m
Funds to be placed in my account because I have the same name as a dead person $6.5m
Funds that a bank in Ghana is not aware of $10.68m, 30% for me.
United Nations fund for UK Scam victims: £0.98m
Unspecified “Compensation payment” $2.5m
HSBC manager – unspecified amount
Bank of America Dept of Credit & Telex control £10.5m
USA High Commission, Cotonou Benin Republic: Accrued interest: $30m
The office of the President of Nigeria: $8m
UN Compensation Committee $1.5m
The VP of the South African Football Association wants help with his investments
UN auditors. I’m on a database of unpaid beneficiaries: $3.5m
FBI Atlanta have 2 trunks full of cash at Hartsfield Jackson airport containing $4.1m
A Cambodian widow $10.5m
A mystery shopping assignment worth $200
Cheque draft from Eko Bank Benin $2.5m
FBI anti-terrorist and Monitory Crimes Division, Washington $10m
An inheritance unspecified amount
Police HQ Benin Republic, West Africa $4.5m
UK lottery winners who won £101m want to give me £1.5m
British High Commission, compensation for scams: $1.2m
ATM card in Benin Republic worth $1.5m
A sick widow living in Scotland wants to give me £5m
Part time work at $300 per week
UN Internal Audit $0.1m
An over-invoiced contract worth $47.5m

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