A Business Opportunity

They’re still coming in at about 10 per day. Just for fun, I made up my own:

My Dearest Freind in God.

I can picture you surprise as you are reading this letter because is the first ocassion that I am writing to you. but do not be surprise for it is well uderstood how kindly a parsonage you are even here so vary far away. Also we have many shared frends you and me in the Bible. Abraham and Absalom and Soloman the wise king.

My name is Harrison Hackman, a USA citizen, I hale from Mobil Louisianna where the oil-wells are. My work is GEOPETROLEUM ENGINEER. I am employee for a large Multinational Oil Congrommerate that for reasons that will become clear I must never mention.

I am one of the AGENTS responsable for all buying and selling arrangement for crude oil. I recieve $1.50 for each barrell I buy from the Oil Company and $3 for every barell that I sell on the International Oil Exchanges. Making a grand total of $4.50 for every barrel that I transact. You can understand that this is a vary lucrative past-time.

However unfortunately there can be a fly in the honey. Some times I buy more barels than the market can bare and in those times I must to sell the barells at less than the market rate. This is where you come in my frend for I can offer you a once in a livetime oppurtunity to buy my extra barells of crude oil at a special price. Selling these barells to the International Oil Exchange at this price (plus a small markup for youself) will be easy and the agent’s fee of $3 per barrell will also be payed to your account.

All you half to do is send me you personal details to permit me to register you as an oiled AGENT fully authorized for Oil Transacts and of course you bank details for transfer of you agent fees.

Telephone number
Bank sort code
Bank account number
Name on bank account
bank account swift code
IBAN code

I must insist that you keep this messsage STRICLY PRIVATE between us as the Oil Company must never know. I’m sure you uderstand my freind. I look forwards to a long and prosperos busness relationship and our future bondage together.

Your obediant servant in God.

Hannibal Hackman G.E. BLL OBE

2 thoughts on “A Business Opportunity

  1. Jo Ann Hakola says:

    I like it. I’ll smile the next time I get one because I’ll remember this one.

    Today I got one where they wanted to sell me gold dust. I wanted to say: “Do you take books in trade?”

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