Books Missing from Amazon

If you access the Amazon web site, select Kindle Books and search for my name JJ Toner you should see 9 books on the list, including my three novels:

St Patrick’s Day Special
Find Emily
The Black Orchestra.

My author page should show all of these books as well.

If you live in Ireland you will see only 8 of the 9 books. The latest one, The Black Orchestra apparently is not available for purchase in Ireland. I can think of no valid reason for this. It must be a programming bug on the Amazon site.

I know of at least three other authors afflicted by this creeping disease. One guy has lost 4 of his 11 titles, but only in the Irish market.

One of these authors lives in the UK, as far as I can tell, so this is not something limited to Irish authors. If you are an author of eBooks for the kindle, it may be blighting your sales efforts in the Emerald Isle.

Use the comments below if you’d like me to check your author page as it appears for potential customers over here.

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