MIDI Lesson 1

MIDI – Oxygen25

Had my first lesson in the use of my MIDI (Oxygen25) together with a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) (Cubase Elements 8). Afterwards I watched a 1-hour webinar by Chris from Seawolf. He showed some of the techniques he used to mock-up part of a score from the Pirates of the Caribbean (“I’ve got my eye one you”).

He spoke about the choice of Virtual Instrument Libraries. He uses several in order to introduce individual variations that help to produce more realistic compositions. I learned (well, I picked up) a number of new words (like Cue, Divisi, Transpose, Articulation, Panning, Expression, Templates, Attack, Instantiation, instrument stacks and Keyswitch).

I’m not sure this new hobby is such a good idea, but the prospect of scoring a complete orchestral piece of music is irresistible.




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