Things That Go Bump

Ghostly feet

Sometimes I think this house might be haunted. I hear noises that make no sense, like the creak of floorboards that sound just like someone is walking about in empty rooms, or the sound of doors opening and closing. And sometimes, when I hear the footsteps, I open the living room door to see who’s there, and find an empty hallway.

Around Christmas every year, I often experience a distinct creepy feeling that someone is in the bedroom watching us, although there’s no one there.

I don’t believe in ghosts. In fact my whole belief system (such as it is) is based on strict scientific principles. If I can’t see it, it doesn’t exist. The only exceptions to this rule are things that science tells us about that are too small or too far away to see. Sometimes I think maybe that’s why I never see anything; If I did see something or someone that I couldn’t explain, I would have to re-appraise my beliefs.

Having said that, these ghostly sounds have me worried. A couple of days ago, I was watching TV in the living room when there was an almighty thump on the ceiling. I reckoned my wife must have fallen, so I dashed upstairs to help her.

There was nobody upstairs. My wife was downstairs in the kitchen, and there’s just the two of us in the house. I asked her if she’d heard the loud thump from the bedroom. She said she’d heard nothing. But then she’s quite deaf. She never hears any of the footsteps or creaking floorboards that I hear.

What do you think? Are there ghosts?


One thought on “Things That Go Bump

  1. Jeremy says:

    Hey JJ,

    I’m originally from California. In the northern part of the state sits Winchester Castle. You can check out the site here: There are a lot of ghost stories in California, particularly stemming from the time when natural gas was starting to get piped into homes.Turns out many of the things people thought were ghosts turned out to be the effect of leaking natural gas.

    On the other hand, there are some awesome ghost stories of people who sincerely believe what they saw and experienced. Snap Judgement does a Halloween special yearly where some great stories come out. Here is the latest Released Oct 28, 2016:

    On an all-NEW Snap…”Spooked VII: Pitch Black.” There is the dark of night…and then there is darkness so deep you can barely hear yourself scream. The hair-raising finale of Snap’s terrifying “Spooked Week” of haunting, true-life stories. Be afraid . .

    In the end, I cannot definitively say there are or are not ghosts. What I can say is I don’t count them out.

    May yours be friendly.



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