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Interview – Tony Healey, Kindle All Star

WHO ARE THE KINDLE ALL-STARS? Tony Healey has posted short conversations throughout November with the stellar talent [...]

Interview with bestselling author Mel Comley

I’m with Melanie Comley, bestselling indie author of the thrillers Cruel Justice, Impeding Justice and [...]

Holiday Sirens

The amazing author-cum-whirlwind Stacy Eaton has started a group for authors of books about or by [...]


Older Browsers

I know that the big-hitters in browser land, like Google, are gathering information on my [...]

A Trojan Virus

This post comes to you by way of my laptop.  Read on to understand why. [...]


The best kept secret in Blogland

Having fallen out with her agent, my friend Misty Provencher has decided to publish her [...]

Short Story Launch

Yesterday, I launched another short story from my anthology Ovolution and Other Stories as a single for [...]

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Since my wife left me (for 6 months) I’ve been doing my own shopping. I’m [...]


My Team

The cover for OOZE was created by Anya Kelleye at also helped (a lot) with [...]

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Price Reduction – Noir Nation

Noir Nation issue #1 is now selling at 50% for the Halloween weekend. So now’s [...]