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Game of Darkness

We’ve been watching The Game of Thrones on TV. Judging by the sound track, I’d [...]

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An Obsession

In my family, I came between two sisters. This was something of a no-win situation [...]

Sebastian the Sparrow

We’ve been living in this house since 1986. It’s a fine house, but it’s full [...]

How to Plot a Thriller

Almost exactly a year ago I published a blog called “Plotty Training”. Since then, I [...]

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An Ancient Kiss

“I know you,” said the woman. “I thought I recognized the name.” This is how [...]


Free eBooks – An Experiment

In December, I launched one of my short stories, Ooze, for free on Smashwords. Download [...]

Customer Rip-off 101

Our house is old. I have it on good authority that it was built in [...]


Car Parks and KDP Select

I wanted to announce that I have enrolled 3 of my short stories in KDP [...]

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The cat

My son, David, says very little to me, and when he does, he speaks in [...]


A Medical Letter

January 2012 Mr. Horatio MeeneyRialto Health ClinicOld Canal RoadDublin 33 Dear Mr. Meeney, It was nice [...]