Bone Crushing Machine

WW2 – The Holocaust: What the German People Knew

One or two readers have questioned why there was no mention in The Black Orchestra of the Holocaust — the Nazis’ so-called ‘Final Solution’. While writing the book, I was acutely aware of the need for accuracy in depicting the extent of common knowledge among the German people of these extreme atrocities. Kurt Müller was […]

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WW2 – MI5

Before the outbreak of World War I, the British Security Service consisted of two sections responsible, respectively, for home and overseas operations. The home section became known as Military Intelligence Section 5 (or MI5). MI5’s main functions were the identification and arrest of foreign agents from Germany and (later) the Soviet Union and the monitoring of pacifist organisations […]

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Gone fishin sign

Gone Fishin’

I admit it – I’ve been bone idle for a whole month. Ever since I launched The Wings of the Eagle on January 8, I’ve been on a really long lunch break, sitting around the house, reading, watching TV, feeding the birds, playing patience on the computer, or fiddling about on Facebook or twitter.   […]

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