Black Orchestra

WW2 Double Cross – the true story?

During WW2, British Military Intelligence, MI5, intercepted every enemy agent that the Abwehr sent to Britain. Some of these agents were interned – or shot – but MI5 quickly realized that enemy agents could be put to use if they were ‘turned’ and became double agents, sending misinformation back to their Abwehr spymasters in Berlin […]

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Insulation Beads

Our house is old – and cold. We use gas central heating that never quite succeeds in heating the place properly. The reason for this has been clear for years: the cavity walls have no internal insulation. Yesterday, two young men arrived in a truck and filled the walls with bonded insulation beads. These are […]

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WW2 – What if…?

WW2 Alternative History Writing historical fiction is fun, but the need for historical accuracy can impose artificial restrictions on the narrative flow. In the same way that world-building provides a blank canvas for fantasy writers, allowing them to escape the restrictions of real life and stretch their imaginations, alternative history provides wriggle room for the […]

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