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WW2 – The London Cage

Alexander Scotland was born in 1882 of Scottish parents. He spent a lot of his [...]


WW2 – Lidice

On September 27 1941 Reinhard Heydrich was appointed Deputy Reich Protector (effectively governor) of Bohemia [...]


WW2 – German Police and Security

The administration of law and order in Germany during WW2 must have been confusing — [...]

WW2 – The Nazis and the Bomb

That the scientists of the Third Reich were working on the development of a nuclear [...]


WW2 Heroes Hans and Sophie Scholl

There were many heroes who fought for the Allies in World War 2. I’m sure [...]

WW2 – The Nazis and the IRA

Before the outbreak of war, tentative contact was made between the Abwehr and the IRA [...]


WW2 – German Spies in Ireland #2

In 1939, having completed three successful espionage missions in England, Walter Simon was found guilty [...]


WW2 – German agents in Ireland #1

Before the Second World War the IRA had some contact with the Abwehr (German Military [...]

WW2 – Admiral Canaris of the German Resistance

Admiral Wilhelm Canaris was head of the Abwehr, the German military intelligence service from 1935 [...]

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WW2 – The Sinking of the Battleship Royal Oak

The Battle of the Atlantic forms a backdrop to my WW2 spy story, The Black [...]