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Moving toward publication of my first eBook, a collection of ten short Science Fiction stories. The provisional title for the book is

“Ovolution and Other Stories”.

Here’s my checklist of tasks to be completed:

1 Complete the ten stories
2 Commission and receive cover
3 Complete final text edit
4 Pass the manuscript to editor
5 Rewrite as necessary
6 Write blurb
7 Obtain Copyright
8 Format for Kindle
9 Download to Kindle
10 Prepare file for Smashwords
11 Download to Smashwords

I have briefed a specialist cover designer and he has agreed to create a cover for the book. I expect something from him next week.

Today, I completed the last of the ten stories. I still have some editing to do to make sure that all of the stories use the same quotations convention, are spell checked for the US market, and so on. I should be able to complete this step in time to pass the manuscript to my editor by the weekend.

Any waiting periods, I will spend working on my new web site.

Have I forgotten anything?

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