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[Updated 27 September 2011]
Announcing the Kindle All Stars project, an anthology of speculative fiction. The idea for this book originated with Bernard J. Schaffer. The book will showcase talented eBook authors (*ahem*). It will be issued as an eBook and in print, and the proceeds will be donated to The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, a US charity that fights child abuse and pornography worldwide.

One of my short stories (renamed “Children”) from Ovolution and Other Stories has been accepted for inclusion. As of today (27 September 2011) the author list reads as follows:

Harlan Ellison,
Alan Dean Foster,
Keri Knutson,
Laurie Laliberte,
Simon John Cox,
Angela McConnell,
Bernard Schaffer,
Miles Cressman,
Matt Posner,
Richard Roberts,
William Vitka,
JJ Toner,
Dwaipayan Regmi,
Toni Dwiggins,
Frank Zubek,
John F. Merz

The book should be available for sale between Thanksgiving and Christmas.

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