Plausible Excuses 2

(for falling behind with your writing)

1.Incoming eMails must be answered

2. Blogs must be written. Mustn’t neglect your blog. That’s what networking is all about.

3. Read a couple of chapters. You can’t call yourself a writer without keeping up with your reading.

4. Check in at Facebook. Isn’t that what networking is all about?

5. And Twitter. Don’t neglect Twitter.

6. Other people’s blogs must be read and commented on. That’s what networking is all about, right?

7. Phone a friend. She talks the legs off a donkey, but isn’t that what friends are for?

8. Time for a quick lunch and check the news on TV. Another a shocking disaster!

9. Take an hour for some shuteye. You’ll wake refreshed and ready to write a storm.

10. Follow some of the links supplied in other people’s blogs, especially Nathan Bransford’s Blog. That’s what market intelligence is all about, right?

11. Some of those links are UTube videos. They’re usually fun. All work and no play, right?

12. Check in at Absolute Write. Someone may need a beta reader, a proofreader, a short critique. That’s what networking is really all about.

13. Spend an hour worrying about queries. Have you really given up on novels 1-9?

14. Have you checked the post yet today?

15. Right, put the kettle on and edit what you wrote yesterday. Then,

16. Write something new, if there’s any time left.

17. What’s on TV tonight.

18. Another exhausting day. You wrote only 300 words, but it’s good stuff.

19. Tomorrow you’ll do better. Maybe you should get up earlier.

20. If only you could get more sleep.

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