Great movie lines

Remember that great line from the end of Moonraker? James Bond and Holly Goodhead are adrift in a space shuttle, making weightless love. Sir Frederick Gray says: “My God, what is Bond doing?” and Q replies: “I think he’s attempting re-entry, sir.”

Surely one of the best killer lines of all time from the movies, that one. Up there with the final scene in Billy Wilder’s Some like it Hot, when Jack Lemmon, dressed as a woman, is attempting to deflect Joe E. Brown’s amorous advances. Finally, when all else fails, Lemmon whips off his wig and says: “But I’m a man!” and Joe E. Brown comes back with: “Nobody’s perfect.”

Help me out here guys. Those are the only two I can think of.

One thought on “Great movie lines

  1. Pageturners says:

    Well, there’s the scene in Singing in the Rain where the tanned, wealthy, glamorous film star is remembering how his parents “sent me to fine schools, including dancing schools” and how he and his friend used to “perform for their society friends”, while the visuals show two scruffy little brats tap-dancing for a second for pennies in a low dive, and being chased out by the barman.

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