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Plausible Excuses 2

(for falling behind with your writing) 1.Incoming eMails must be answered 2. Blogs must be [...]

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Plausible Excuses

(…for losing at golf) 1. A seriously wicked party the night before. 2. Injuries. Like: [...]

The Rules of Golf

(For the season that’s in it, with the first Major of the year under way) [...]

My First Book (blog 2)

Following that commercial line edit, and after reading a mountain of how-to-write books, I took [...]

eBook editors?

I’m now planning to self-publish on Kindle. It seems this is the way of the [...]

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My First Book (blog 1)

In 1996 I began to write a book. I wanted to write a murder mystery [...]

Is it a Bird? Is it a Plane? No, it’s a Kindle

On Friday last, I ordered a Kindle. Finally, after raging against the machine, so to [...]



It’s amazing how much toothpaste there is in a tube. Remember when toothpaste tubes were [...]

On Tenses

I have noticed an increase in the number of books that are written in the [...]

Submissions and Stuff

Two stories that I submitted to were rejected in the last few days. The [...]

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