I want to Write Like That
I want to Write Like That

I have a close friend who lives an ordered life. I don’t think she’ll mind [...]


New eBook Release

Today I released my latest Ben Jordan thriller, FIND EMILY on Smashwords and on amazon If [...]

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Editing – On Exposition

I’ve been going through the editing grind again. My second Ben Jordan thriller, FIND EMILY [...]


In 2006 I bought a Eucalyptus tree and planted it close to the boundary fence [...]

A Business Opportunity

They’re still coming in at about 10 per day. Just for fun, I made up [...]


Great movie scores

When I was young I used to enjoy movies as integrated entertainment experiences. A movie [...]


Email Scams

I recently clicked on an advertisement on a Facebook page, and, through an organization called [...]


Yesterday, we visited Ikea in North Co Dublin. From the outside the store looks like [...]

Game of Darkness

We’ve been watching The Game of Thrones on TV. Judging by the sound track, I’d [...]

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An Obsession

In my family, I came between two sisters. This was something of a no-win situation [...]