My eBook Sales 2011
My eBook Sales 2011

It’s the last day of the year. After 6 months of flogging my wares on [...]


Christmas presents

I got nothing for Christmas this year, but my computer did rather well. Her first [...]


Karen Baney Interview

I’m with Karen Baney, indie author of four books so far, and counting. JJ: Tell [...]

New Phrases

Have you ever noticed how the language changes, how new phrases seem to magic themselves [...]

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Kindle All Stars

It’s here! The Kindle All-Stars first issue has been released and is available on Amazon. [...]

Getting To Know My Computer

You know the way they say you should get to know your own body, so [...]


Free eBook

Just before lunch today I decided to publish OOZE for FREE on Smashwords. The whole [...]

Me with Christine Cunningham

This is the lovely, talented author Christine Cunningham, known to her Twitter followers as @E_B_ChristineC. As [...]

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Interview – Tony Healey, Kindle All Star

WHO ARE THE KINDLE ALL-STARS? Tony Healey has posted short conversations throughout November with the stellar talent [...]

Interview with bestselling author Mel Comley

I’m with Melanie Comley, bestselling indie author of the thrillers Cruel Justice, Impeding Justice and [...]